Student Support Team - Introduction

  1. To help students achieve whole-person development and life-long learning by providing comprehensive and extensive learning enhancement services for students with diverse educational needs (including gifted students and SEN students)
  2. To establish an accommodating learning environment through the adoption of a whole school approach and the promotion of home-school co-operation, instilling in students an awareness of individual differences and a positive attitude towards their peers with special needs. Guiding them to build collaborative and interactive peer relationships based on mutual understanding and support
  3. To provide professional training for teachers to better understand students’ special needs and learning characteristics. To acquire teaching and guidance skills in helping these students to integrate into the school life for pleasurable and effective learning
  4. To communicate more frequently with parents to enhance their understanding and acceptance of students with special educational needs, and to raise their understanding of the school's policy on promoting integrated education
Evaluation of Current Work



The school supports students with different special educational needs (SEN) and academic low achievers with the Learning Support Grant (LSG) in this academic year.

The school continues to receive subsidy from the Education Bureau in this academic year to arrange School-based Speech Therapy Services for students. Speech therapists are recruited to support students with speech and language impairment. Also, the service helps teachers to identify traits of speech and language impairment, thus implementing communication enhancement workshops and learning support programmes to create a language-rich environment in the school.

The school continues to receive subsidy from the Education Bureau in this academic year to arrange School-based Educational Psychology Service for primary schools. Educational psychologists provide support for SEN students in the school while teachers and parents communicate closely, facilitating students' whole-person development.

The school continues to implement "JC A-Connect: Jockey Club Autism Support Network" in this academic year to enhance social communication and emotional regulation skills of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Some SEN students have joined guidance programmes of the "Understanding Adolescent Project", which enhance their generic skills. Furthermore, the school implements different resilience-development activities, creating a healthy school environment.

The school has implemented the "Early Identification and Intervention Programme for Primary One Students with Learning Difficulties" for many years to identify students with special learning needs.

Most students identified to have special learning needs have been arranged to join the "Learning Buddies" programme, which caters for their learning needs through small class and small group teaching.


The Parent-Teacher Association has been long established. Members of the association are keen to serve the school and help to promote student support activities.

Most parents are active in learning about their children's learning progress and the school's development and are willing to provide feedback for the school. This helps to foster deeper understanding between parents and the school.

Most parents of SEN students are active in acquiring skills to provide guidance to their children and communicate closely with teachers.






School supporting policies

The school has an internal referral mechanism to support students with learning, emotional or behavioural needs.

The Student Support Team has been established for 15 years to provide support for students with learning difficulties and teachers.

The school has hired student guidance personnel in this academic year to provide support for students with special learning, emotional and behavioural needs and teachers.

Areas that require improvement

The gap between the learning abilities of students in some classes are large; teachers find it challenging to attend to students with different learning needs.


The school shall utilise professional advice from School-based Educational Psychology Service for primary schools and School-Based Speech Therapy Service for the review of learning needs of SEN students and current assessment mechanisms. The aim is to develop more efficient learning assessment tools, enhance teaching and learning, and attend to students with diverse learning needs.

Major Concerns of the Year

Major concerns


Promoting the "whole school approach" at school to provide support to students in different areas, and to enhance teaching and learning as well as cater for students of diverse learning needs through refining the remedial teaching programme, after-school learning programme, and various activities.

Targeting at major concern 2.1

In alignment with major concern (2) in the School Development Plan 2018-2021

Recommending suitable teachers to join teacher training programmes on catering for students with special educational needs to tie in with the 3-tier intervention model of the "teacher professional development framework on integrated education".

Targeting at major concern 3.1

In alignment with major concern (3) in the School Development Plan 2018-2021

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