Aims & Objectives


1.         Cultivate students' interest in learning mathematics.

2.         Induce students to understand, grasp, and apply the fundamental concepts and computational skills of mathematics.

3.         Develop students' thinking, communication, problem-solving, and creative abilities.

4.         Foster students' numerical and spatial sense, and appreciation for the patterns and structures of numbers and shapes.

5.         Strengthen lifelong learning through foundational mathematical knowledge.


1.     Set up a mathematics booth during recess of every even-numbered month.

2.     Connect mathematics and science through STEM activities by selecting a specific topic at each grade level.

3.     Participate in the "Blended Learning Program" by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, which involves collaborative learning activities in Primary 4.

4.     Encourage participation in mathematics competitions by forming an Olympiad Math Team and engaging highly capable students in mathematics.