Educational Psychology Service


In order to meet the demand for educational psychology service of schools and students, the Education Bureau has enhanced funding provision for the establishment of Education Psychologist (EP) posts in the bureau and major school sponsoring bodies, and has outsourced School-based Educational Psychology Service for public primary and secondary schools.

The School-based Educational Psychology Service (SBEPS) is delivered by qualified EPs through regular school visits. The service caters for students’ diverse educational needs at the school system, teacher support, and student support levels. Its scope of service also includes assessments for students, professional consultation and crisis management.

  1. At the school system level, the school will develop sound mechanisms and policies to cater for students with diverse educational needs.
  2. The school personnel will acquire adequate knowledge and skills to support students with diverse educational needs and to enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching.
  3. The students can minimise their difficulties, maximise their potentials and learn with pleasure.
Scope of Service

The service nature of SBEPS is school-based. Educational psychologists will provide remedial, preventive and developmental services at the school system, teacher support, and student support levels subject to the development of the school and the needs of teachers and students, for instance:

School system level
EPs shall support schools in the development of policies in catering for students with diverse educational needs, the refinement of its support mechanism, and the creation of a caring environment.
Teacher support level
EPs shall provide professional advice and training to teachers on measures to enhance learning and teaching effectiveness in catering for students’ diverse learning needs, e.g. curriculum adaptation, teaching and learning adaptation, assessment accommodation, effective classroom management, and use of effective discipline and guidance techniques. EPs shall also collaborate with teachers, school social workers and student guidance personnel when needed. Moreover, EPs shall provide guidance for SEN students, and provide support in the design, implementation and review of the enriched curriculum.
Student support level
EPs shall provide psycho-educational assessment for SEN students, design and organise training or activities for SEN students, and communicate with teachers and parents to devise and review learning plans specifically designed for SEN students regularly.
Making an Appointment

If parents think their children need assessment or counselling in learning, emotional or behavioural aspects, they can contact the school social workers or Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), Ms. Liu. The school shall then carry out preliminary research and discussions, and make appointments with educational psychologists accordingly.