PTA - Introduction

Time flies - this is already (the second year of) the 13th term of the APSW Parent-Teacher Association.

Since its establishment, the Parent-Teacher Association has matured over time with the hard work of parent and teacher members of the Executive Committee, and the immense support and help from our parents. We are reaching (the second year of) the 13th term of the PTA this year. We will continue to uphold the mission of the Association, bridging communication between parents and the school.

The mission of the APSW Parent-Teacher Association is:
1. To forge close home-school contacts between the school and parents;
2. To enhance cooperation between parents and teachers and among the parents, helping students learn and grow healthily; and。
3. To discuss common issues of concern, enhancing students' learning environment and providing quality education for students.

Therefore, all parents or guardians (aged 21 or above) of students currently enrolled in the school are eligible to join the PTA or become members of the association. Members of the PTA have the right to propose and vote in meetings, and to elect and be elected as office-bearers. On top of that, members can also enjoy privileges and discounts arranged by committee members, and priority in attending various activities organized by the PTA. Activities for this year include tea gatherings for parent volunteers, influenza vaccine programmes, school uniform charity sale, Tai Chi course for parents, flag selling, CNY gatherings, and parent-child outings, etc.

What are you waiting for? Join us to strive for the benefits of our students!