Resource Management Committee

  • To provide, allocate and manage existing school resources systematically, supporting teaching and learning as well as other school affairs and ensuring the school's smooth operation.
Major Concerns of the Year
  • Creating a safe and healthy campus for teachers to work and students to learn, ensuring the safety and health of all stakeholders.
  • Working with the School Affairs Committee to establish a monitoring mechanism for repair, maintenance and follow-up work, providing sufficient safety facilities and creating a safe environment for teaching and learning.
  • Working with the Student Affairs Committee to provide sufficient and hygienic eating areas, and to provide healthy and green food and clean water.
  • Working with the Physical Education Department and Environmental Protection Committee to put up decorations around the campus to promote the theme of "Healthy Campus", and increasing supporting facilities to raise students' awareness towards green living.
Large-scale Campus Renovation Work Report
  • Perfecting students' learning environment and Enhancing classrooms and other supporting facilities. (See attachment for more information)
Teachers in Charge
Team leader

Ms. Lai Wai Lan (Assistant Principal)

Associate team leader

Ms. Li Ka Yee、Ms. Lai Wai Ling