Message from the principal - November 2022

Dear parents of APSW,

May the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always!

Thank God for His protection, care and guidance, students have returned to school for face-to-face classes for two months already. During this academic year, we have made numerous preparations for returning to normal school life. We would like to thank all the parents, students, teachers and staff members for their cooperation. We arranged most of the school team training to be held after lunchtime in the 1st semester, providing sufficient venue spaces for those interest classes, supplementary classes and various after-school activities that are held immediately after school. Allow children to have more opportunities to participate in different activities, as well as having sufficient time for training under the vaccination requirement. By participating in these after-school activities, we hope children can challenge themselves, learn from their peers and have a pleasant experience in learning.

Moreover, the Education Bureau has issued a letter to all schools in Hong Kong on the 25th October, announced the latest arrangement for face-to-face classes. Stating that if 70% or more students of the entire school have received two doses of COVID vaccination for 14 days, we can apply for the resumption of full-time school to the Education Bureau from 1st December onwards. After the circular being issued, I immediately held a meeting with my fellow teachers to discuss the arrangment. We understand deeply of the parents’ concerns about the resumption of full-time school, including “Whether the vaccination rate of APSW have reached the standard?”, “Are we going to apply for full-time school on 1st December straightaway?”, “How are students going to have their lunch at school under the pandemic and what epidemic measures are we going to implement?” etc. All these concerns that parents have are also our concerns. Therefore, during our discussion, we would like to thank our PTA members acting as a bridge between the school and the parents, sharing with us the concerns that parents had in mind about the resumption of full-time school. We will continue to discuss with our stakeholders, taking all these concerns into considerations, so that we can plan for the best arrangement. We will make further announcement as soon as possible regarding the details of the resumption of full-time school, allowing both the school and the parents can be well-prepared for it.

    Furthermore, I would like to thank again to all parents, partners and children for their caring and condolences since I was diagnosed with coronavirus that came all of a sudden in late October. However, I am grateful that my symptoms were mild, only during the first three days were more toilsome and required more time to rest in bed. After experiencing this illness, I’ve realized the importance of health and cherish. We feel like as small as a mouse when illness come to us. There are many things we cannot control, so we should be grateful for everything, especially having a healthy body state is the greatest grace. Therefore, we should be earnest, always try our best, be positive and optimistic for everything that we do.

May I wish everyone good health, not just the body but your mind, spirit and for families to be filled with joy and happiness.  


Mr. Lee Tak Hang

School Principal