School Motto

To develop whole-person education based on Christian principles, and to nurture abundant life through the Gospel and biblical truths.

Our Mission

The school's policies are in line with the government's guidelines for school development and Christianity's mission to foster holistic education. The school provides quality whole-person education for children in six fundamental areas, namely spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic. We value the uniqueness of every student and aspire to help them reach their full potential. We also aim to foster students' ability in independent thinking, belief in positive values, self-love and self-discipline, and care towards society. Moreover, we value parent education and connection, as well as collaboration with community organisations.

Teaching Beliefs
  • We aspire to build a school of love, care and respect based on the love of Christ. We aim to develop our students' character in these aspects through various experiences and opportunities to serve at school.
  • We are always following closely with updates in education policies so that suitable changes in curriculum development can be implemented effectively according to the needs of the school. We have also been optimising learning and teaching policies to enhance students’ complex-level thinking and learning abilities. Furthermore, we have been developing a school-based curriculum in various subjects according to the needs of the school and our students.
  • We have established various themes to help students develop all-round abilities. For instance, the integration of curriculum activities and life-wide learning activities (such as field trips, Mainland exchange programmes, site visits and lectures) allow students to broaden their horizons greatly. They can learn and be exposed to different knowledge systems, values and skills.
    Our Vision

    We are dedicated to becoming a learning community committed to Christian education. We are constantly reflecting, exploring, renewing and pursuing academic excellence. This community centres around students, while also including other members, such as teaching staff and parents, who are also learners. We are also committed to making this community a place for learners to learn from and care for each other so that students become proactive in learning, courageous, self-disciplined and self-respecting. Students pursue excellence all while loving God and others. Parents, on the other hand, serve as role models for their children in this community. They are encouraged to care for, appreciate and better understand their children to build a more harmonious family. They can also work with the school in trust to foster efficient communication. They are encouraged to participate actively in school activities, helping their children grow in an environment of love and support.  
    The Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) will be a strong backbone of this community by empowering the staff team and providing teachers with support, appreciation and understanding. The IMC will also give the school correct and clear guidance in the formulation of school policies and the direction of school development. The IMC will handle school affairs through fair, just, transparent and accountable means, making every school member proud to be a part of the APSW community.