Student Affairs Committee - Introduction


1.     To co-ordinate students' daily life and learning affairs in school

2.      Promote a healthy eating culture to enable students to grow up healthily

3.     To monitor the quality of services provided to our students, including provision of textbooks, booklets, worksheets, lunch, photographs and uniforms.

4.     Concern about the health of students and the spread of epidemic infectious diseases in schools and arrange for students to receive different vaccinations to prevent infectious diseases.

Major Concerns of the Year

1.     Invite nutritionists to schools to hold healthy eatng talks to let students understand the importance of healthy eating.

Year Plan

1.     Follow up the Student Health Service and School Dental Care Service of the Department of Health

2.     Student vaccination

3.     Arrange the provision of school uniforms

4.     Arrange photo taking for students and staff

5.     Arrange lunch for students and monitor the quality of service of lunch provider

6.     Invite dietitians to provide healthy talks in schools for students

7.     Arrange the selling of textbook and worksheet

8.     Arrange scholarship for students

9.     Follow up students’miscellaneous fees

10.      Follow up $2500 student grant

11.      Follow up The School Textbook Assistance Scheme and The Student Travel Subsidy Scheme 

12.      Follow up Funding Arrangements for Enhancing Support for Learning and Teaching Chinese for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students

13.      Follow up School-Based Support Scheme Grant for Schools with Intake of Newly Arrived Children

14.      Follow up the Quality Education Fund e-Learning Funding Programme—Provision of Mobile Computer Devices and Internet Services Support


16.      Follow up Benevolence Fund provided by Kowloon Tong Church of the Chinese Christian & Missionary Alliance

Team Members
Team leaders

Mr. Lam Wing Kin, Ms. Leung Wing Man,

Ms. Lam Lisa

Associate team leaders

Ms. Mui Hang Yee, Ms. Chan Cheuk Yee,

Ms. Wong Siu Mei, Ms. Lau Man Yee

Team members

Clerical Assistant: Ms. Tam Ho Yee