Information Technology Committee - Introduction


1.1 Utilize information technology to promote paradigm shift, transforming the textbook-centric, teacher-centred teaching model into an interactive and student-centred learning model, to facilitate students; autonomous learning and socio-emotional development, aiming to achieve the transfer of teaching paradigms based on individual needs, and cultivate gifted education, to establish a high quality e-learning environment.

1.2 Enhance students' learning interests by using ‘cutting-edge’ electronic technology equipment, establish a creative and highly effective learning and teaching environment, and cultivate students to master new skills of the 21st century. Besides, through the implementation of the "one student, one computer" program to enhance students’ communication, creativity, information processing ability and teachers’ teaching effectiveness.

1.3 Strengthen the application of information technology in school administrative work, establish and optimize a more convenient school-based management platform, allowing teachers to focus on teaching, improving teaching effectiveness and enhancing school-based management.

1.4 Collaborate with subject teams to create an atmosphere within the school that embraces exploration, experiential learning and experiencing success, in order to embrace challenges and embark on a new milestone.  

1.5 Cultivate students’ ability to use various information technology facilities correctly and foster an attitude of respecting intellectual property rights through innumerable information technology learning activities, establishing a high-quality learning environment for information literacy.

1.6 Strengthen the school image in the field of information technology by showcasing our school’s development in various aspects under the leadership of Christ and the achievements in information technology through websites, media and social media to the public.

1.7 Review the overall development of the school, provide suggestions on the direction of school development and improvement measures, enable the school to continuously enhance itself.

1.8 Develop tools for collecting and analyzing data, and formulate practical and feasible work schedules

1.9 Continuously monitor the use of electronic whiteboards in the classrooms, provide students with different types of learning experiences, and enhance students' learning efficiency.

Member List
Team members

Mr. Cheng Kwok Keung (PSM)、Ms. Yuen Wai Ling、Ms.  Tam Tsz Ling 、Ms. Lee Lok Lam

IT support staff

Mr. Lam Sai Chung 、Mr. Qin Jia Hao

Mr. Wu Man Chiu