Curriculum and Learning Activities

For senior students, the school has arranged for them to complete the VIA character test to learn about their character strengths. For junior students, they have summarised three (for junior students) or five (for senior students) of their strongest character strengths through self-observation and observations from classmates and family.

The school has also incorporated positive education values into the existing curriculum and organised a variety of learning activities. For instance, in Primary 5 and 6 Chinese classes, examples of character strengths are drawn from different novels. Also, in a Visual Arts class, an illustrator was invited to give a sharing on the topic of "Inspirations from Daily Life". The speaker delivered the message of positivity, care and love to students, as well as helped students complete an art creation task together. Furthermore, a "Character Week" was organised during the post-examination period for students to learn about character strengths. Various experiences have helped students complete challenging tasks using their own character strengths.

Students accepting different challenges on "Character Day", using their character strengths

Positive education is introduced through Life Education classes to students since they are in Primary 1. Class content includes the 6 elements of positive education. Students are guided to learn conceptual ideas like positive and negative emotions through experience-based learning activities. This year, the activity is also introduced to Primary 2 students.

"Positive Education Information Booths" have been set up in the UG Hall and no.2 Covered Playground. Here students can watch animations about character strengths to deepen their understanding of the topic.

"Active Recess" gives students more opportunities to move around, for instance running and playing basketball. An inter-house rope skipping competition has also been added this year. Students actively participated in the competition to earn scores for their houses. They engaged in the activity wholeheartedly and acquired a sense of achievement; these are qualities to be cultivated in positive education. Also, during recess every Wednesday, students can play games at the "Putonghua Playground" led by volunteering parents. They can also play games at booths designed and managed by Putonghua student ambassadors.

The Positive Education Committee has also organised many "Parent-Child Interaction" activities for parents and students to learn more about each other and build closer relationships.