Library Opening Hours

Opening Hours of Library

Opening Hours of Library:

Central Library (3/F) Opening Hours:

Tuesday and Thursday   : 7:35-7:50 a.m.

Monday to Friday       : first recess & second recess

English Library (G/F) Opening Hours:

Monday and Wednesday   : 7:30-7:45 a.m.

Monday to Friday       : first recess & second recess


Special Arrangements on Library Services

Library services will resume from 12 October 2020 (Monday). Students (except Primary 1 students) can borrow books using their student smart cards. Primary 1 students can also read in the two libraries, but cannot borrow books for the time being.


For social distancing purposes, the number of library users allowed will be limited. Students are required to disinfect their hands with hand sanitizers at the library entrance before entering the library. The libraries will be cleaned and disinfected frequently in accordance with the school's guidelines on pandemic prevention.

Library Regulations

Condition of Use of Central Library and English Library

1.     Students are required to present their student cards to borrow books.

2.     Each student may borrow a maximum of 6 items (including 3 from the Central Library and 3 from the English Library).

3.     Library materials for lending may be borrowed for a period of 14 days.

4.     Loan items may be renewed for up to 14 days.

     Loan items may only be renewed once. Students may renew a loan item on or before the item's due date at the Central Library, English Library, or via the Intranet e-lib plus webpage. Please refer to the student magazine for details regarding book renewal services.


5.   An overdue fine will be imposed on each loan item returned late. The charge is $0.5 per day (excluding Saturday, Sunday, during the examination period, and school holidays) for each loan item. Students should return the overdue loan items as soon as possible, and visit the Central Library or English Library to settle the overdue fine. Students should tender the exact fare; no change will be provided.


6.     If an overdue loan item is lost, students should report to Ms. Hung or Ms. Choi at the Library as soon as possible. If a loan item has not been returned 30 days after the due date, the item will be regarded as a lost item. The borrower is required to pay a fee covering the following:

     - cost of the lost item and administrative fee.


7.     Borrowed items should be used and kept carefully. Students should take good care of the books when reading them; do not draw on, tear or stain them. If books have been damaged, students should report to the teacher-librarians immediately. Students should be responsible and cherish library resources. They should look after the borrowed books carefully and return them on time.


8.     When students enter the English Library or the reading stage of the Central Library, they must put their shoes on the shoe racks. To avoid shoes being mixed up, students should write their names or put name stickers inside the shoes for easy identification.

Regulations on Use of Computers
  1. Library computers can only be used for browsing preset reading-related websites. Students are not allowed to use the library computers for other use.
  2. If the number of users exceeds the number of computers, students must line up and wait for their turn of use.
  3. Students are not allowed to secure a computer booth by putting belongings at the booth.
  4. When too many students are waiting in line to use the computers, each student can use the computers for a maximum time of 5 minutes.
  5. If students encounter any technical problem while using the computers, they should notify the teacher-librarians or librarians immediately.
  6. Students are not allowed to turn on or turn off the computers by themselves.
Lending Services Regulations
  • Access Services
Loan quota
Loan period
BooksReference books for teachers

Teaching staff

10 items

14 Days

14 Days


6 items (3 Chinese; 3 English)

14 Days

Not loanable

  • Borrowing and Returning
    Users can borrow or return books at the Circulation Counter using the designated computers.
    Book Drop Service
    Books that are not overdue can be returned at the book drop. The book drop is located at the entrance of the library. Students can place the books at the book drop after entering the library.

  • Book Renewal
    Books can be renewed once at most. The procedures of book renewal are the same as that of borrowing. However, a book that has been reserved cannot be renewed.
  • Book Reservation
    Students who would like to reserve books on loan can make reservations at the Central Library. They will be notified when the reserved item is returned.
  • Overdue Fines and Loss of Loan Item
    A fine of $0.5/day will be charged for any overdue item (following the regulations of Hong Kong public libraries). The fine will be deducted from students' e-class payment account.
  • Loan Quota and Loan Period

  • Eligible borrowers of the Central Library include:
    Teaching staff: They can borrow all books in the Central Library; the loan quota is 10; the loan period is 14 days.
    Students: They can borrow all books (except reference books for teachers) in the Central Library; the loan quota is 6 (3 Chinese books and 3 English books); the loan period is 14 days.

  • Condition of Use of Library Card
  1. Students can only use their own library card to borrow library materials.
  2. Each library card holder can borrow a maximum of 6 books, including 3 Chinese books and 3 English books; they can be borrowed for a period of 14 days.
  3. Students who have lost their library cards should report to their class teacher immediately and apply for a new library card.
  4. Students should take note of the due date marked on the back of the books, and return books on time.
  5. If students spot books that are damaged, they should report to the librarians immediately for the books to be fixed.
  6. Students must take good care of the loan items. Students will be charged accordingly for any lost or damaged item.
  7. Students can return books during recess by placing them in the book return trolley at the entrance of the library.
  8. Students can borrow books during the reading time designated for each class and during specific recesses.
  9. Books can only be borrowed with a library card at the Circulation Counter.
  10. Books with "R" marked on the spine are reference books; they are only for viewing in the library and not for loan.
  11. Taking away any items from the library without completing borrowing procedures will be considered theft.
  12. Loan services will be suspended one week before the start of the examination period and when the term ends.