Library - Introduction

Cheng Ng Ying Heung Memorial Library

The Central Library (Cheng Ng Ying Heung Memorial Library), located on 3/F, has been long-established since the opening of the school. It provides a book lending service during recess and serves as a place for Library classes.


  The library has a rich collection of books that includes various genres which are suitable for students across all levels. There are also reference books for students to read. Reference books are also available for teachers as a means to read more and expand their professional knowledge on education.

English Library

  The English Library, located at G/F, was set up in 2014 for students to cultivate a habit of reading more English books.

  The English Library has been widely used by students since its opening, especially by junior students, as it provides a comfortable place for them to read. Though the size of the library and the number of books available are relatively smaller, it is still very reader-friendly. For instance, the genre of books is very diverse. Furthermore, it includes English books that suit readers across different English levels. The books are labeled according to their particular difficulty. Students can choose books that match their English language abilities and experience the joy of reading English books.

Aims of Establishing the Central Library
  1. To encourage the use of library resources, cultivate reading habits among students, and transform students into self-motivated and lifelong learners; to provide a lifelong learning venue for students and teachers alike.
  2. To provide resources for both teachers and students that support the learning needs of all subjects.
Library Collection
  • The Central Library and classroom libraries have a collection of around 11000 Chinese books and around 3100 English books.
  • The Central Library provides around 420 reference books for teachers.
  • The Central Library also provides magazines, newspapers, reference books, and online information for browsing.
  • There is a collection of around 1000 Chinese extensive reading materials, and around 800 English extensive reading materials.
Book Genres
  1. Fiction: fairy tales, fables, detective fiction, mythology, translation, etc.
  2. Non-fiction: academic books providing information on different fields of knowledge
Classification of Books

The library collection is categorised systematically according to content. Books with common topics are placed together; relevant books are placed in the adjacent for readers to find the materials they need efficiently.

  1. Colour labels: for Primary 1 and Primary 2 students
  2. Classification numbers: for Primary 3 to Primary 6 students