General Guidelines
  1. Librarians should abide by the library regulations, and set a good example for fellow students.
  2. They should be willing to serve fellow students and be flexible to work at the library at any time.
  3. They must wear the librarian badge during duty for easy identification.
  4. They must be on time for their duty. If they need to take leave or arrive late, they should inform the teacher-librarian in advance. A librarian absent or late three times with no reasonable cause may be terminated from the role.
  5. Librarians on duty must return to the classroom after the second recess bell has rung; librarians not on duty must leave the library after the first recess bell has rung as other students do.
Points to Note during Duty
  1. Duty schedule: Librarians on duty for the first recess, second recess and the recess after lunch should report to the library as soon as possible once the recess starts, and return to their classrooms after the second recess bell has rung.
  2. Unless necessary, librarians on duty should stick to their posts and not leave or switch posts with others without teachers' authorisation.
  3. Librarians on duty should maintain order in the library, keeping the library quiet and tidy.
  4. If capable, librarians on duty should also help with the following tasks:
  • Tidying up the counter
  • Shelving books
  • Assisting in other matters
Duty of Head Librarians
  1. Inspecting the whole library, maintaining order inside and outside the library, and handling various work.
  2. Managing the work of team members and providing assistance when needed.
  3. Providing services at the Circulating Counter and ensuring the counter's smooth operation.
  4. Contacting team members.