Counselling & Spiritual Education - Introduction

  1. To correspond to the school's three-year plan through the effort of teaching staff and home-school cooperation, implementing activities for the creation of a healthy learning environment
  2. To promote positive education by strengthening parents' parenting skills and enhancing parent-child communication through parent education
Major Concerns and Implementation Strategies

Partnering with parents to nurture students

  • Organising activities on parent education to provide parents with education-related information and strengthen their parenting skills

Enhancing the spiritual well-being of teachers and students and supporting them to live joyful, peaceful and hopeful lives

  • Educating students on mental health and facilitating them to develop a positive mindset
  • Caring about teachers' spiritual well-being and creating a supportive environment of mutual care and support
  • Facilitating students to develop a caring heart, resilience and social skills through the design of diverse activities, building up their self-efficacy and confidence, and unleashing their potentials
  • Collaborating with external organisations to implement the UpPotential programme in the school to train up parent and student ambassadors, facilitating students to acquire skills in stress and emotional management so that they can help themselves in face of adversity and develop positive attitudes
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